Al Wahda Investment Company


By the order of H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Zayed Al Nahyan – The President of Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club, Al Wahda Investment Company was founded in 2013.
The company is belong to Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club and it owns its majority. The Company played an important role in the dynamic shift in developing Al Wahda area in Abu Dhabi and developing the urban center of Abu Dhabi.
Since it’s considered as the investment and development hand of the club, the company is considered as a leading entity in developing and managing real estates.
The Company owns and manages great opportunities in the heart of Abu Dhabi such as Al Wahda Mall, Al Wahda residential and commercial towers as well as Al Wahda Grand Millennium Hotel.
Since the transparency is a core of the company’s philosophy, and under the goal of supporting Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision; the company is pushing toward the development of life quality and developing working environments as well as entertainment of people. Al Wahda Investment is working to develop communities and surrounding environment that reflects elegance, environmental friendly and diverse culturally to create an atmosphere that inspires the next generation.
The Company’s projects are attractive in terms of return on investment for both investors and landlords.

Al Wahda Commercial Tower


Al Wahda Investment Company HQ is located at Al Wahda Commercial Tower and it’s located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, few steps from the company’s major investment and Al Nahyan Stadium, the HQ of Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club.

Al Wahda is great example of professionalism in financial management, and we don’t want trophies under debts”

A quote of His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Ths President of Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club. TWEET

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