Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club

Al Wahda Sports and Cultural Club is one of the most prestigious sports club in the United Arab Emirates. The club was founded in 1984 and it’s famously know by its football team.

The club has achieved trophies on the local and regional levels and its Football Academy is named as the best Academy in the Arabian Gulf region where its players have led the team to many achievements, most notably presenting the UAE in the FIFA World Cup for Clubs in 2010.

Al Wahda Sports Group is one of the most competitive and leading groups in the local and international levels where Al Wahda Jiu-Jitsu Academy is one of the top 3 academies in the world and the best locally besides the basketball ball team which is considered as one of the most achieving teams for many years even when its activities was stopped as well as other individual and group sports.

VISION : A world’s pioneer in all sports games

Mission: We strive to achieve our vision and ambition through research, pursuit and research