Al-Wahda’s reserve team defeats Ittihad Kalba

The Al-Wahda reserve team secured a victory against Ittihad Kalba in the Under-21 Professional League. The Al-Wahda reserve team continued to achieve positive results in the Under-21 Professional League with a 1-0 victory over Ittihad Kalba in their match today at Kalba Stadium.

The team, under the management of Mr. Arno, lined up with the following players: Hazaa Ammar as the goalkeeper, Hamdan Adel, Abdulrahman Saleh, Abdullah Al-Karbi, Rashid Issam, Sultan Al-Zaabi, Khaled Al-Jaberi, Adi Al-Harbi, Ali Al-Musabi, Abdullah Kazem, and Mansour Al-Munhali.

Both teams went into halftime with a goalless draw and limited goal-scoring opportunities.

The second half saw a red card for Al-Wahda’s player Rashid Issam after receiving his second yellow card. The team continued the rest of the match with ten players but managed to continuously press the opponent’s goal and create numerous chances. Finally, Mubarak Salem scored the winning goal in the crucial minute of the 94th.

With this victory, the Al-Wahda reserve team raised their points to 13 in the Under-21 Professional League standings.

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