Manea Ayed: There’s No Alternative to Winning Against Ittihad Kalba

Manea Ayed, a player in the first team of Al Wahda Club, emphasized the necessity of avoiding mistakes and capitalizing on opportunities to achieve a positive result against Ittihad Kalba in the sixth round of the Adnoc Pro League.
During the pre-match press conference, Manea Ayed said, “There is no alternative to winning against Ittihad Kalba, not only because the match is on our home ground and in front of our fans but also because we have suffered from a series of negative results in recent matches, and we need to return to our normal form and our usual position.”
Manea Ayed continued, “I have complete confidence in our abilities as players to overcome this phase, and the coaching staff has been keen in recent times to address the issues, reduce the mistakes made, and make the most of the missed opportunities. We hope that this work will yield a positive result in our upcoming match.”
Regarding the support of the loyal fans, Manaa said, “We appreciate the support of the faithful fans in the stadium and on social media, and we certainly apologize for the unsatisfactory results in recent times. With the help of God, we will work with double effort and higher focus in the coming period.”

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