Lucas: “The presence of the ‘Anabi Stands’ enhances our capabilities on the field.”

Lucas Pimenta, a player from Al Wahda Football Club’s first team, praised the continuous support from the “Anabi Stands,” emphasizing the importance of the upcoming match against Al Wasl in the semi-finals of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Cup, and the necessity to unify efforts during this stage.
Pimenta stated during the pre-match press conference: “This will not be an easy match at all, as we will be playing against the strongest team this season. However, we have prepared well during the past period under Goran’s leadership, and we are motivated for the return of official matches. We are ready to face the semi-final challenge and are focusing greatly on gaining the advantage in the first leg… Such strong matches between Al Wahda and Al Wasl are indeed an open invitation to enjoy the atmosphere of real football.”

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