Dutch coach Arno Buitenweg, the head coach of Al Wahda’s first team, considered the match against Al Sharjah as a “knockout match”, confirming the readiness of the “Maroon” to play the game and win its points.

Al Wahda will host Sharjah at Al Nahyan Stadium on Friday, as part of the 21st round of the ADNOC Pro League, where the “Maroon” occupies fourth place with 40 points, and Sharjah is fifth with 38 points.

Buitenweg said in the pre-match press conference, which was held at the Al Nahyan Stadium conference hall: “We fully understand the strength of Al Sharjah, and that they are a title-contending team, but we also have our weapons and are ready to play the game with the aim of winning and nothing else”.

He added, “We benefited from the international break both physically and technically and were able to convey our ideas and train on them. Currently, we only must enter the field and give everything to win”.

Regarding the condition of Al Wahda star Alan Marquez, the Dutch coach confirmed that he is still recovering from the injury he sustained in the match against Al Ain and will miss Al Sharjah game.

Lucas Pimenta

On his part, defender Lucas Pimenta confirmed that “The Maroon” has strong chances to compete for the league title, and Al Sharjah match will be like a “final” for the players.

“First of all, I congratulate everyone on the blessed month of Ramadan, and we all love the atmosphere of Ramadan for the wonderful feelings it carries in the hearts of the players”, he said.

“Al Sharjah always dominates the ball and plays defensively, and we need to focus well, and winning this match will give us more confidence to fight and compete for the league title”, he added.

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